Finding the Right College Roommate Helps You Succeed in College

Joining college is a very exciting time for many young people because it marks a new phase in their life and to some comes with a sense of maturity on their part. Many parents are always hesitant to let their children go to college because of the various influences that they will be exposed to by other students or even the college that they will be studying in.

It is common to find many students who have dropped out of college for many reasons and most of them it is because they did not have a plan as to how they were going to live out their college life. This allows them to be exposed to negative influences through other students and they end up ruining their lives as they try to satisfy themselves.

One of the greatest influences that any one will have in college is their roommate as they can influence them both negatively as well as positively. This is possible because you will be spending most of your time away from class with your roommate in your room or if you have grown to be good friends then you are likely to be engaged in extracurricular activities together.

In case you have a roommate that is a party animal and you are not then you might have a bit of conflict when it comes to your sleeping schedules because it is likely that when you are sleeping they are partying somewhere and will definitely wake you up when they return as is common with intoxicated people. Their friends may also have the same behavior thereby making it hard for you to study in your room when they come to visit. This will in turn lead to you failing in your studies because you did not read adequately for your exams or your roommate can pressure you into joining her kind of lifestyle thereby seeing you abandon your studies.