College Students - Finding A Job and Success

"Everybody had one before they lost - a chance"

This is your chance. Make the most of it. It might be the best one you ever get.
It's often been said that those who do not plan for their future won't have one. You will have one of course, but maybe not the type you were hoping for. The best way to have a good future is not to become the victim of circumstances, but to do what needs to be done to be successful. This is not the time to procrastinate or to do less than you're capable of. Your future starts now. What you do today creates your tomorrows.

Success is not what others say it is, it's what you say it is. Ask yourself what's important to you as you go through life and design a plan to achieve your goals. This type of planning is no different than what organizations do. It's called "organizational planning" when it's for a business or not for profit entity. In either case, it involves people working to accomplish worthwhile objectives. For businesses, the primary goal is to generate profit for its owners, and for not for profit organizations, the goal is to work toward some higher purpose.

Managing yourself is what I call "Personal Management". You need to be able to develop your own goals and to do what is necessary to achieve them. It is difficult to be a good manager of others if you can't properly manage your own affairs.

Elemental Steps To Success
Education is one of the most important keys to success. At a minimum, work to obtain your four year bachelor's degree, and obtain higher education beyond that if it's beneficial to you, in whatever career you choose. Now that you have begun your college education, don't stop until you obtain your four year degree or obtain training in a field that is in demand. Colleges have many career programs in dental hygiene, laser technology, paralegal education and others. If you do not prepare yourself in either of these ways, your life is likely to be far more difficult financially than it has to be.