College Success - 7 Steps for Succeeding in College

What does it take to be a college success in today's world? It' s the same as it has always been, work a bit longer than what others are willing to do and spend a little more time planning instead of playing and you will be successful. Extremely successful.

Here are 7 steps that will help make you a college success.

Focus on your goals constantly. Put your goals in writing and place them where you will be reminded of them regularly. Never allow yourself to forget why you are working so hard.

Create a healthy and personalized study environment. Some people need complete silence; some need background noise (instrumental music, white noise, etc.) Some work best sitting at a desk, some lying on a bed. Build the environment that works best for you, but be honest; you can listen to your favorite band another time.

Don' t miss class! You can't pass a class you don't attend. Be in class on time, every time and sit in the front of the class for optimum learning.

Take and organize your notes. You need to take notes and keep them organized. Date and number the pages and keep them in a notebook in the order you produced them. Highlight the terms, names, and facts that seem to stand out from the rest.

Develop a study group. Form a study group with other serious students. Meet regularly to compare and exchange notes or take turns preparing an outline for the entire group.

Write things down! Writing involves two additional senses beyond hearing and multiplies the retention by at least 40%. Rewrite your notes the first chance you have an opportunity to do so, this will reinforce the material in your mind and increase retention. Even write things like assignments, due dates, assigned reading, and anything else you think is important.

Believe YOU can do it. You are what you think you are. In order to be a college success you must believe that you can be a success.

If you truly desire to be a college success then you will take immediate ACTION on the above seven guidelines. It will not be easy. You must have determination, persistence and discipline. But the rewards will be great.