Help Your Child Succeed at College Lacrosse Recruiting

If your child enjoys playing lacrosse and is college bound, you might be looking into ways to help pay for that education. Colleges offer sports scholarships for lacrosse, and they have college lacrosse recruiting staff who are on the lookout for great athlete-academics. There are a few steps you can take to help your child get a winning nod from lacrosse recruiting coaches.

You can begin by helping your son or daughter with researching some colleges or universities that he or she might be interested in attending. You will want to see who the college lacrosse recruiting coaches are, and what their scholarship requirements are. Knowing what is needed to reach your goal is the first step toward attaining it.

Once your child has narrowed down the list of favorite colleges, there are other steps that can be taken on route to a sports scholarship. Since having good academics is a regular requirement for admittance to college, just making sure that your child is studying and keeping up in high school is a great start. Preparing to take the SAT is a good idea, because these areas will be looked at by college lacrosse recruiting staff as your child works through the scholarship process.

Another activity that your child can participate in is a lacrosse recruiting camp. Not only are they a fun experience, but the students are seen by a variety of college lacrosse recruiting personnel, which helps them remember the student and evaluate them on the playing field.

Lacrosse recruiting camps also give you and your child a chance to visit a college campus where he or she might wish to attend. You can sit in on actual college classes, look into the college dormitories and cafeterias, and see if the college will be a good fit for you and your child. During lacrosse recruiting camp you may also have the opportunity to watch the college lacrosse team play, and you can see how the coaching staff interact with the players.