Brainwave Entrainment Is a Beneficial Way to Cope With The Stress Of Going To College

It is no surprise that college students find life very stressful. High expectations, from parents, the college, and themselves, being away from home for the first time-sometimes very far away from home, and trying to enter the adult world in a mature way, can sometimes leave a college student feeling overwhelmed. Being stressed can leave them feeling depressed and unable to cope or function, which in turn, leads to feelings of despair and possible suicide.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students.

The Associated Press and mtvU, a college TV station, conducted a survey that found that four out of ten college students reported feeling stressed often, one out of five reported that they felt stressed most of the time, one out of four students, experienced daily stress, and one in ten had thoughts of suicide.

Why Students Feel Stressed
In the beginning of their school career, they work hard and the energy needed to succeed is at a high. As time moves one, they lose some of that energy and start to slow down. When that starts to happen, they start procrastinate and stop doing all of their course assignments. They are unmotivated, at this point, because they are mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted...the ultimate of being stressed out.
There is a great amount of pressure to do better than "well."
The amount of school work is gigantic, and not like in high school, they are pretty much left on their own on how they are supposed to digest the vast amount of information.
Because it all seems overwhelming, they may even start skipping classes, the guilt of which (especially if their folks helped pay for their education) incapacitates them.
There is a strong need to be socially accepted. Going to college generally means that they had to leave some of their friends behind so they need to find new friends. If they are not confident with social situations, this alone in itself, can cause them to be over-stressed.
To feel accepted by their new group of friends, they may do things to their mind and body that they know aren't good for health's drinking, partying, or doing drugs. This kind of action makes it hard to go to class in the morning or to write exams, or to study.
They can get homesick...a loneliness of the heart, that is very real and has physical symptoms.
They are cut off from their family, in a sense, most of the time because they are so far away. Problems that may be developing at home are out of their control, so they may be worried about their loved ones and feeling guilty because they cannot be there and help.
After a while, there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day so they sleep and eat less, and don't socialize anymore because they're failing or getting way too far behind...and don't even talk about getting fresh air and exercise...there isn't any time.
The pressure to succeed in their school work eventually causes them to feel defeated and hopeless.........they "burn out." They are depressed and may drop out college or out of life, if they don't do something to help themself.