How to Succeed in College

You might think that academic success depends on natural academic talent or intelligence. This isn't the case. School success is actually more about organization, and work ethic.

To do well in school, you have to be prepared to work hard. You have to be organized to pull it off. You need to keep track of your assignments and projects. It won't work to try to work hard if you don't remember what you were supposed to do! But if you are careful to keep track and stay organized, and you are willing to work hard, you will succeed. It doesn't matter if you are not naturally academically gifted.

The following suggestions can help you succeed in school:

First, you have to show up. This sounds silly, or totally obvious, but you would be surprised what a difference it makes. And it isn't all that hard.

Here is all there is to it: at the start of the year or semester, promise yourself you will go to class every day, and on time. Even if you have teachers who don't take attendance, you need to go to class if you want to do well. This is non-negotiable.

Next, make sure you stay organized. Have a folder or notebook for every class. You might also color-code folders, so you can keep track of which folder or notebook is for which class. Keep all of these supplies in the same place, like your backpack or your bookshelf.